Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kayaking on the St. Croix

Last month, Jeremiah and I went on a kayaking trip with some of the men from our church. It was a 30 mile trip downriver and we divided it into two days. We started late Friday afternoon and pulled into a campsite by evening to spend the night. One thing of value that we learned at this campsite is to always bring bugspray! Because there was a burning ban we could not start a fire, which will typically help keep the mosquitos away. Even though we did bring bugspray (which did help), we were still swatting flies, mosquitos, and gnats while we set up and were eating. The gnats were especially bad in the morning. When you would hold your food up for a bite, you'd receive more then just the anticipated bite; with it would come a number of the pesky things! Jeremiah, unfortunately, seemed to be a favorite target; during his breakfast he had a cloud of them around his head. : ) I saw him walking around multiple places, trying to find relief. He came by me and sat down, smacking his face and rubbing his hair. I then found myself doing the same thing even more than before! They really were following him.
But the trip was definitely worth this and has left us with many fun talks and memories. It was such a wonderful experience to spend time outdoors and see the wildlife. We're both looking forward to doing it again.
Special thanks to Mr. Kelley, Mr. Richter, and Mr. Phillips for making this this trip possible.
Mr.Kelly in his kayak.
Jeremiah and his kayak, with "supplies" on the back.
Isaac fishing at the camp.
Jeremiah, Mr. Phillips, Isaac, Bob, Mr. Kelley, Mr. Richter.

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